Mathematics 4 You

Either mathematics is too big for the human mind or the human mind is more than a machine. ~Kurt Godel

This site explores mathematics and the God who created it.

Welcome to the world of mathematics. The beauty of math is incredible. It demonstrates the power and creativity of the Lord.

Mathematics has many branches. All of these branches are interconnected in various interesting ways. We find that Trigonometry and Calculus are closely related to Geometry. As we study Diophantine equations we might suddenly find ourselves deep in number theory. As we are working with complex numbers we might suddenly find that Quaternions or Octonions provide a more effective answer to our problem. Some times we just have to stop and admire the designs and intriguing patterns that appear. When we finally find the answer to our mathematics problem we usually realize that not only does it all work together in an incredible way, but it also illustrates the power and the glory of God. Here are a few of the many interrelated branches of mathematics. Each could be subdivided many times.